5 Things You Didn’t Know About Luffy’s Family from One Piece

One Piece’s primary protagonist is Monkey D. Luffy. Due to the fact that nearly all of his family members are still alive, Luffy stands apart from other shonen heroes. Unlike the majority of anime characters and their families, Luffy never experiences tragedy.

Luffy’s family is quite well-known since his family has some of the biggest names in the series, from Luffy’s grandfather being the Hero of the Marines to Luffy’s father being one of the most-wanted criminals in the entire world. However, there are also many other things about Luffy’s family that are unknown, such as the identity of Luffy’s mother and where each of the family members exactly is in their relationships with each other.

1. Grandpa Luffy Is the Marines’ Hero

Monkey D. Garp, who is one of the most illustrious men in Marine Corps history, is Luffy’s grandfather. He is without a doubt the most powerful Marine in history. With just one hit, he was able to defeat Don Chinjao, who had a 400-million-dollar bounty on his head. At Water 7, Garp made his debut and demonstrated what he is all about. In the Marine Corps, Garp’s strength is practically unmatched. After dealing with the infamous pirate band known as the Rocks Pirates, he earned the nickname “The Hero of the Marines.” Garp defeated Rocks D. Xebec and his gang in collaboration with Gol D. Roger, the future Pirate King.

2. Luffy’s Father Is The Founder Of The Revolutionary Army

Monkey D. Dragon is none other than Luffy’s father. He is without a doubt one of the series’ most enigmatic characters to date. Despite One Piece having over 900 chapters, Dragon has only made a few appearances and nothing is known about his skills. Oda not having exposed his talents yet is astonishing. Many years ago, Dragon started the Revolutionary Army and he has since resisted the World Government. I have no doubt that Dragon will play a significant role in the future.

3. Luffy Is A Well-Known Pirate.

Luffy hardly needs any introduction as he is the main protagonist of One Piece. He was inspired by Shanks to become a pirate, and since then, Luffy’s eyes have always been on the grand prize which is the title of the Pirate King. Luffy has managed to beat down many famed pirates and other enemies so far and is only going to improve in the future. After the Whole Cake Island arc, his bounty rose to over 1 Billion. This development earned him the title of the “Fifth Yonko.” However, Luffy still has a long way to go before he can match the power level of a Yonko. He has grown into one of the biggest nuisances to the World Government.

4. So far, all of the family members’ names begin with a “D.”

Only three family members of Luffy have been made public thus far. The letter “D” appears in the names of Luffy, Dragon, and Garp, which is connected to the Will of D. Characters with the letter “D” in their names are uncommon. They are viewed as the “Gods'” foes. What the Will of D stands for and how many people in total have it are both unknown. The three members of Luffy’s crew are all highly recognized internationally for various reasons. Particularly Luffy and Dragon have emerged as one of the greatest threats to the World Government.

5. Garp And Roger Once Worked Together

Every pirate aspires to become the Pirate King, but only a handful of pirates even get close to that bracket. The Yonko are the pirates closest to that level. The Yonko consists of only four pirates, and it just goes to show how much power the Pirate King has. Among the Marines, only one person is considered to be a match for Gol D. Roger and it is none other than Monkey D. Garp. Garp teamed up with Roger to bring an end to the era of the Rocks Pirates. Roger and Garp had a lot of respect for each other despite their differences.

In conclusion, Luffy’s family in the anime/manga series One Piece is a complex and mysterious group. From his grandfather’s connection to the Revolutionary Army to his mother’s undisclosed identity, there is still much to uncover about the D. family. Despite this, what is known about Luffy’s family only serves to deepen the mystery and intrigue surrounding them. Whether it’s the strength and cunning of his father, Dragon, or the secret motivations of his brother, Ace, there is no doubt that Luffy’s family will continue to play a major role in the series. So, as fans eagerly await more information about this fascinating group of characters, it’s clear that there is much more to learn about Luffy’s family in the world of One Piece.

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