One Piece: 5 Strongest Characters Who Are Non-Human

One Piece features a wide array of characters, some of which aren’t human. Here’s a look at 5 of the strongest in the series!

One Piece’s worldbuilding is without a doubt one of, if not the most, amazing on the anime platform. The consistency of its enormous and constantly developing world is astonishing, even without mentioning the novel and original premise is never before seen in anime. One Piece is a vibrant masterwork that is a true contender for the Shonen throne. Another element that makes One Piece superior to its shonen rivals is the cast. The vast diversity of individuals and races gives the already vibrant world even more hues. Among the variety of tribes and races in One Piece, Some, such as the Longarm Tribe, Snakeneck Tribe, and Torino Tribe, are derivatives of humans. But others like the Giants and the Dwarves are standalone races with little to no connection to humans. Here are the top heavy hitters of these independent races.

1. Kaido (Unknown)

It should be emphasized that Kaido has never once been addressed as a human before drawing any conclusions. Big Mom referred to him as a thing, and everyone else referred to him as a creature. However, he has never been addressed as a person.

Naturally, depriving Kaido of his humanity requires more than a few theories. But once more, it wouldn’t be shocking if the Beast pirates’ leader actually was a beast.

2. King (Unnamed Race)

The specific strength ranking of the Disasters is still vague, but it’s widely speculated that King, the most mysterious of the Disasters, is the man below only Kaido and above everyone else.

We have only seen so little action from King, but from what little we have seen, putting him this high on the list is in no way overestimating his abilities. King is a member of a mysterious and unspecified race.

3. Jack The Draught (Fishman)

One of Kaido’s most dependable helpers is Jack The Draught. Unbeknownst to many, Jack The Draught is also a full-fledged Fishman. Although his precise Fishman tribe has not yet been identified, Oda has pretty much confirmed it.

Jack’s skills as a Yonko commander are unquestionably real. To serve as a lieutenant of one of the sea lords requires far more than just good fortune.

4. Nekomamushi And Inuarashi (Mink)

The stronger the individuals are, the vaguer the line separating their strengths is. It takes many aspects outside of raw prowess to decide who is stronger and who is weaker in these big leagues. Master Nekomamushi, ruler of the night, and Duke Inuarashi, ruler of the day, are the current kings of the Minks. Strength-wise, they are both about the level of Yonko commanders, albeit the weaker Yonko commanders.

5. Jinbe (Fishman)

Jinbe, the newest addition to the Straw Hat crew and an avid supporter of Luffy’s ambition, is not a character unknown to the fans. The number of times he saved Luffy, and other Straw Hats, is simply uncountable by now. Jinbe is easily one of the strongest Fishermen to be introduced to the story. He was able to tank Sakazuki’s magma punch, and actually not be incapacitated– an achievement that can not be overlooked.

One Piece is a world filled with powerful characters, both human and non-human. From the strength of mythical creatures like the Fishmen and the Skypieans to the raw power of Devil Fruits and ancient weapons, there is no shortage of incredible abilities in this series. Despite this, only a select few non-human characters stand out as truly exceptional in terms of strength and ability. From the god-like power of Enel to the monstrous strength of the Kraken, these characters have proven themselves to be among the strongest and most formidable in the One Piece world. Whether they play the role of ally or adversary, it’s clear that these non-human characters will continue to be major players in the series for years to come. So, as fans eagerly await more information about the ever-expanding cast of characters in One Piece, it’s clear that the strongest among them is sure to be a diverse and eclectic group of both humans and non-humans alike.

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