One Piece: 5 Most Hyped Legendary Figures

One Piece has shown on more than one occasion that it is a masterclass of storytelling. A great testament to the series’ ability to the great grand spectacle with as few resources as possible is perhaps its ability to create immense amounts of fear and respect for people who haven’t even shown up yet. Knowing a thing or two about leaving things to the imagination, One Piece is one of the best Shounen series at the hype, crafting multiple legends for several of its key, influential figures. Here are the best examples!

1. Gol D. Roger

The first one is the legendary catalyst for the series as a whole. As the story goes, Gol D. Roger was king of the pirates. He had conquered all that was to conquer on the Grand Line and amassed a grand treasure, supposedly having reached and explored every corner of the world to have garnered the One Piece. He was a mighty pirate to have earned the respect of Garp and pirate alike and must’ve been quite the fighter and pirate scoundrel given his equivalency as being the devil himself. What really sets his reputation soaring is the fact that on his execution platform, Roger would extend his legend a little more by sending off all manner of adventurers and criminals to the sea in what is now known as the Great Pirate Era.

2. Mont Blanc Noland

Blanc Mont Noland is the latest in a long line of heroic explorers in the Grand Line who have made discoveries in the world’s eerie waters. Despite the fact that the current world’s children’s books have ruined much of his legacy, Noland was actually a gallant seafarer who went out to the sea to make important discoveries. This has at least resulted in Noland discovering the fabled city of gold, as well as him coming into contact with and potentially even saving the Tontatta of Dressrosa. By no means a liar, Noland has gained the admiration of people who are aware of the truth.

3. Joy Boy


So far, Joy Boy hasn’t been portrayed as much of a person as a legend or a promise. His past is mostly connected to events on Fishman Island and in Wano, where both nations kept long-term pledges to the man. The most recent revelations in the manga are what really elevate his legend. As it turned out, Gol D. Roger’s quest was greatly influenced by following the hints and the Joy Boy mythology. In essence, the voyage would take him to Laugh Tale, the rumored location of One Piece. Roger could only chuckle after seeing what Joy Boy had left behind on the island. What mysteries have been laid out by the man who was essentially the Gol D. Roger to Gol D. Roger himself?

4. Rocks D. Xebec

Rocks D. Xebec is a later entry to the One Piece canon that appears to have some of the most hype of all. He was essentially the big man on campus before Roger and Whitebeard fully took their domains. In fact, he was the captain of several of the world’s key pirates, including Whitebeard himself, Big Mom, Kaido, Captain John, and a variety of other, mysterious big names in the pirating world. He is supposedly the inventor of the Davy Back Fight and strong enough to have garnered the illustrious crew that he had by winning those games. He was a threat to the world that the World Government saw fit to erase completely from the history books, and it took the combined forces of Roger and Garp to take him down. What did this guy actually do?

5. Im

A fresh mystery among the One Piece hype, Im has entered the fan conversations as a new threat and the possible final boss of the entire series. Despite the narrative of the series is that leadership over the world is dictated by representatives of its 40 kingdoms and, at its most centralized, the Five Elder Stars, it was revealed recently in the series that the world of One Piece does have one, single ruler sitting on a throne in the shadows. Everything from here is a total mystery. How strong is Im? Is Im even strong? How did Im gain their status? Why do they get to solely rule over the world? These questions and more will hopefully be answered within the next few years of the series.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the five most hyped legendary figures in One Piece. These characters are some of the most iconic and beloved characters in all of anime, making them a great source of inspiration to fans around the world. Whether it’s their backstory, their powers, or their relationships with other characters that make them so special, each one is an important part of what makes One Piece such an amazing series. We can’t wait to see where these legends take us on this wild adventure!

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