One Piece: 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About The World Government

In One Piece, the World Government has mixed feelings about the pirates’ quest for the biggest loot. Ten things you should know about the global government. Ever since Roger found One Piece the world has been involved in a power struggle. Roger’s last words were enough to start the Great Pirate Era. His last words caused all the pirates throughout the world to look for the greatest treasure. The World Government has not taken to it nicely at all. It is the biggest and strongest organization in the world. The World Government has formed 800 years ago.

1. Celestial Dragons

Despite being made up of the bulk of the world’s nations. The World Government typically only pays attention to locations that are beneficial to them. They were able to trick the majority of people on Earth.

The Celestial Dragons, who engage in a variety of criminal operations, are likewise given top priority by the World Government. Anyone who challenges them declares the entire World Government to be their adversary since they are above the law.

2. Empty Throne

Pangaea Castle is home to The Empty Throne. It is thought to be situated in the world’s geographic center. To keep the peace among the countries that make up the World Government, nobody is expected to occupy the Empty Throne.

However, Im really sits on the Empty Throne. Im can be seen as the real head of the World Government, having power that exceeds that of the Five Elders.

3. Impel Down

Impel Down is one of the biggest organizations in the World Government. It is considered to be an “impenetrable” prison. It has only been breached twice ever since it was established. Impel Down ensures that all the big threats to the power of the World Government are kept locked away forever. Within the walls of the Impel Down, the World Government can kill anyone they desire. They have already sent Cipher Pol members to kill Donquixote Doflamingo as he knows about the secret treasure. He is only alive because of Magellan’s efforts.

4. Commander-in-Chief

The rank of the Five Elders is immediately below that of the Commander-in-Chief. Kong is the reigning commander-in-chief. Before being selected to serve as Commander-in-Chief, he was the Fleet Admiral. The Cipher Pol and the Marines are under the command of the Commander-in-Chief. Since the Shichibukai have been disbanded, he no longer commands them and now only has control over the aforementioned groups.

There was no change in Kong’s status following the Summit War, most likely as a result of Sengoku’s retirement.

5. Creation of Cipher Pols

The World Government established the Cipher Pols, extremely covert groups, to lessen the risks to their authority. Special permissions are given to the Cipher Pols so they can successfully complete their objectives.CP9 was given permission to kill any civilian that wasn’t cooperating with them. The members of the Cipher Pol are trained quite a lot and they are much stronger than ordinary Marine soldiers. There are 10 Cipher Pols in existence.

In conclusion, the World Government in One Piece is a complex and powerful entity, shrouded in secrecy and wielding immense influence over the world of the series. From their control over the Marines and the Shichibukai to their role in the history of the Void Century, the World Government plays a crucial role in the story of One Piece. Despite its power and reach, there is still much that fans don’t know about the inner workings of this mysterious organization. Whether it’s the true extent of their control over the world or the motivations of its individual members, the World Government promises to continue to be a major force in the series for years to come. So, as fans eagerly await more information about this intriguing aspect of the One Piece world, it’s clear that there is still much to learn about the World Government and its place in the story.

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