Top 5 des affiches les plus vendues de la marchandise One Piece

One Piece is a famous manga, anime, and Japanese entertainment franchise. The article reviews the 5 best-selling posters from One Piece merchandise, as well as where you can find them.

1. One Piece Posters – Wanted Search Notice Roronoa Zoro OMS0911

Avis de recherche recherché Roronoa Zoro OMS0911

Roronoa Zoro Poster is a must-have for any Roronoa Zoro fan. It’s a poster of Roronoa Zoro from the one piece anime, featuring his angry face while wearing a green beanie with concept of Wanted poster! This poster is sure to be an amazing addition to any fan’s room!

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2. One Piece Posters – Wanted Monkey D. Luffy search notice OMS0911

Avis de recherche Wanted Monkey D. Luffy OMS0911

One of the most popular characters in One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy. If you are a big fan of him, don’t miss out this amazing poster. With special concept about Wanted paper, regarding Luffy, who is none other than the Captain of the Straw Hat Crew, his current bounty, amounts to 1,500,000,000 Berry. Show your love for Monkey D. Luffy and his adventures with this poster now. It is printed on high quality paper and will look great on your wall in any room of your home or office!

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3. One Piece Posters – Wanted Nico Robin wanted OMS0911

Recherché Nico Robin voulait OMS0911

Are you a big fan of Luffy’s crew in One Piece? If so, you might enjoy this Nico Robin Wanted Wanted.

Nico Robin, aka the Demon Child is a pirate who is part of the Mugiwaras crew. Although she is an enemy of Luffy under the alias of Miss Allsunday on behalf of Baroque Works, she chooses on her own to take Luffy’s ship after the Baroque Works and Crocodile defeat Luffy’s crew.

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4. One Piece Posters – Wanted Search Notice Sniper King OMS0911

Avis de recherche recherché Sniper King OMS0911

Show your passion for the greatest sniper of all the seas with this Sniper King wanted poster.

It’s fair to say that the invention of the Sniper King character is a nice scripted spin by Eiichiro Oda: indeed, with Usopp having left the crew, having him return under another identity so that he can help Luffy and have an indispensable role in the rescue of Robin to show his importance will allow Usopp to come back after an apology and remain legitimate in the Mugiwara crew. Sniper King even has a 30 million bounty on his head. If you’re a fan of bounties, check out this now!

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5. One Piece Posters – Wanted Killer Search Notice OMS0911

Avis de recherche de tueur recherché OMS0911

Killer Poster is sure to be a must-have item for any One Piece Killer fans, whether it’s the wall in their bedroom or their office! This poster is high quality and comes with a great deal of details that are sure to please any who opens up this package! It features a cool image of Killer with the concept of vintage Wanted and Killer’s bonus is up to 200.000.000 Berrys.

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